What We Do

Education Programme

We believe every child has a right to a decent education. We also believe that education provides an effective way out of the vicious cycle of poverty.

We operate two schools, a primary and a secondary in the Hobigonj district of Sylhet, Bangladesh.

We realise that children from poor families cannot afford to attend school, and so we provide scholarships to the poorest children.

While, given the opportunity, most children want to go to school, some are in the unfortunate position of being the family breadwinner - they earn a living for their families, who would otherwise have no other source of income. We therefore compensate such families by paying them an amount equivalent to the wages their child would receive, and thus enable them to attend school.

Housing Programme

We assist homeless families by building basic dwellings for them. We also assist with repairs to homes damaged by frequent natural disasters. Our target area is prone to such disasters as flooding and cyclones.

Orphans Sponsorship Programme

Nooria Mission operates a small orphanage in Bangladesh, where we provide accommodation, food, clothing and education (in our schools) to children who have been orphaned

Because we cannot accommodate all the orphans who need our help in our orphanage, we support families (usually relatives) who look after orphans.

Training Programme

Nooria Mission provides skills training to local poor people so they can gain employment or start their own small businesses.

We currently offer ICT and embroidery training, and are looking to add other services for which there is demand.

Environmental Programme

Trees are not only good for the environment, but they are also a source of fruit and revenue. We provide local poor people with fruit trees with which they can generate income by selling fruit and wood. The fruit from trees also provide much needed nutrition for poor families.